– plastic in the ocean lasts forever; it just degrades to a microscopic form and then enters the marine food chain.
David Attenborough
"The aim of The Jimmy Ocean Project is to raise awareness of the plastic pollution in our oceans. The focus for this is on young children. Beside the wonder of the sea itself my inspiration in writing a series of children’s books, based on characters made magically by mermaids from discarded plastic bits, are my own amazing grand children, Bibi and Felix.

The Big Whizzo book cover
The Big Whizzo is the first in a series of fantasy adventure books for children aged between 9 and 12, the second ‘Blue from the Moon’ is on the way. Although the series are primarily adventure books with a quirky set of characters they have a message – all plastic in the ocean is bad. Read The Big Whizzo and find out just how Captain Jimmy Ocean with his crew, Bibi, Jacob Crab, Princess Liquorice and not forgetting SnotTip find a solution to ocean plastic pollution.’


The Big Whizzo can be purchased from – Amazon. Waterstones Online and Foyles Book shop.